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Lazy Susan Turntable

A lazy susan turntable, often called just a lazy susan, is a device that is fit on dining tables, usually at the center. This is a revolving turntable.

The lazy susan can be rotated around a vertical axis. The convenience provided by these turntables is quite immense, because any person sitting on any place around the table can simple rotate the turntable to get the things that are placed on top of it.

They do not need to disturb others by asking them to pass stuff around the table and nor do they need to reach out to get at things.

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The lazy susan appears as an attractive lightweight round table that is meant to fit on the tabletop at the center. There are several designs available and, if you want, you could get a lazy susan that could match perfectly with the design and color of your existing table. You can find lazy susan turntables in all kinds of materials.

The wooden lazy susans were the most popular earlier because most of the furniture was made of wood back then, but in recent times, you can just as easily find glass lazy susan turntables, as well as those made of plastic, metals and other materials. People buy according to their needs.

Types of Lazy Susan Turntables

You can also find unconventional shapes of lazy susan turntables nowadays. Though the prevailing shape is still round, because that is what really befits a turntable, there are other designs too. You could find triangular, square and rectangular turntables just as easily nowadays.

It is also possible to find a lazy susan turntable that have 2 tiers or shelves, one above the other. This allows for keeping more items on the turntable and hence adds to its utility. When you have a 2 tier lazy susan, there are at least three rods to support and hold them apart.



In fact, some tables are sold with lazy susan turntables fixed on them already. If they are available in such a manner, it is wider to buy them, because this counts for a cost saving. Both can be bought at a bundled rate. But if they are bought later on, the prices tend to be higher. You could expect to pay starting from $10 and going upward, depending on the material and the fabrication of the turntable you are purchasing.

A different type of lazy susan turntable is used inside kitchen cabinets too. These are present inside the cabinet, in the form of shelves. These lazy susan shelves can rotate about their axis. When rotated, the shelves reveal items that are kept on them.

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It becomes a good way to store things because you can store more things within a smaller space, and access them in an easier manner too. When the shelves are closed, they look just like ordinary cabinets and so they do not look too different for any kind of kitchen d├ęcor either. 

Lazy susan turntables are not very sophisticated devices. They have been around since the 1700s and they have not changed much since then. However, these devices are quite perfect as they are and that ensures their timeless utility and popularity.

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